Monday, March 17, 2008

Charles Darwin Brackets: West

Part 2 of our 4+ part Darwinism NCAA Tournament.

(16) Devil over (1) Bruin

The demon will destroy the Bruin as ruthlessly and selfishly as Kevin Love's uncle did the Beach Boys.

(8) Cougars over (9) Aggies

Farm boys don't stand a chance against prowling cougars.

(5) Bulldog over (12) Hill Topper

Last time they met, the dog ravaged Bubba. But in his defense, he claims to have not been on top of Hill in years.

(13) Torero over (4) Husky

Do you know what a Torero is? Neither did I. It's a bullfighter I found out. I figure if a torero can take a bull, it can take a dog. even if he's clad in a sequenced vest and leotards.

(11) Bear over (6) Boilermaker

If man were facing a any other animal, I'd give him a chance. Even with his trusty mallet, I don't see the boilermaker getting a clean shot in.

(3) Musketeers over (14) Bulldog

First, enough with the bulldogs in this tournament. Second, why do Musketeers wield swords instead of muskets? Regardless, the Musketeers put the doggy out of its (and my) misery.

(7) Mountaineer over (10) Wild Cat

Grizzly Adams will skin you alive, feline. Not even your melon helmet can save you.

(2) Devil over (15) Bear

What the deuce? Another bear/devil match up? Don't mess with Beelz.

Round 2

(16) Devil over (8) Cougar

The cougars sold their souls long ago. Time for the Devil to cash in.

(5) Bulldog over (13) Terero and (11) Bear over (3) Musketeers

Men in tight pants only go so far against carnivorous animals.

(2) Devil over (7) Mountaineers

Ever wonder where Kevin Pittsnogle was? The Devil knows.

Sweet 16

(16) Devil over (5) Bulldog and (2) Devil over (11) Bear

I don't like where this is going.

Elite 8

(2) Devil / (16) Devil

When the devil plays the devil, everyone goes to hell.


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