Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing with the Biggest Idol

When 8:00 rolled around I thought I only had two reality shows to compete with for the night - Biggest Loser, and American Idol. Because Idol has done little this season to hold my attention, I didn't think it'd be such a difficult night.

The first hour of BL was filled with another reality TV favorite, Project Runway's Tim Gunn, helping the losers find outfits that show off their new physiques as they pose for a Prevention Magazine photoshoot. These transformations brought Gunn and Ren (who seems to be exhibiting the hormonal signs of MY pregnancy) to tears. Fluff - yes. But, at least it was good fluff.

AI was uneventful. We saw the blonde chick sing - she is good. And someone else... maybe one of the rock guys? Yeah, we were really paying attention.

At some point Ren says "Hey, isn't Dancing with the Stars on tonight?" SH*T!!!!!!!!!! He was right. Tuesday was the ladies.... how in the hell was I going to watch 3 shows at once... this was my own reality TV Trifecta.

The 9:00 hour was difficult. Thank God ABC ran DWTS from 9-10:30...

To sum it all up -

BL - Glad Brittany got the boot - she looks great, and is the smallest person at the ranch. She can manage at home. Let it be noted that Ren hates Dan because he is getting "too big for his britches."

AI - We like the rock guy, David Cook. Good stuff. Reminiscent of Daughtry, a personal fav.

DWTS - Monica Seles will get sent home. She looked stiff and uncomfortable. Kristy Yamaguchi was the best of the women, and Mario was the best of the men. Notable competition - Jason Taylor will do well, as will Shannon Elizabeth.

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