Friday, March 7, 2008

March: More Than Just Madness

March is National Kidney Month. While to many this may seem irrelevant, to some of our writers it is very special.

Just about all of our staff has the pleasure to be friends with Priscilla VanderVeer, a transplant recipient, who teamed up with our buddy Illuminati at phillyBurbs to tell her story.

This is even more relevant to Ariel and I, who, in addition to being close with Priscilla, lost a young family member not far back. Our family made the decision to donate our lost loved one's organs through the New Jersey Sharing Network. Then, in lieu of wedding presents, we made a donation to the Network.

Coincidentally, around this time last year, the University of North Carolina mascot Jason Ray tragically lost his life in, also coincidentally, New Jersey, at the NCAA East Regionals.

Last fall, ESPN's E:60 spotlighted Jason's story, and the impact his decision to donate his organs had on their recipients. Once more, coincidence set in. The New Jersey Sharing Network facilitated the donations, and worked with ESPN to tell the story.

Below is that story. Caution, tears may ensue.

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