Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mike and Doggy Take Shot at Boomer & Carton

It sounds like WFAN's afternoon blowhards are implying that their morning drive counterparts aren't a "pimple on their fanny."

Here's the gist: Someone called in to Fat Mike and Chris regarding Clark Kellogg's refusal to interview the day after brackets are announced. Boomer & Carton had attempted to get him on the air at that time, and CBS refused. When CBS then offered Kellogg the following day, the morning guys refused him in a form of turn around being fair play.

Mike and Fat Chris, being Mike and Fat Chris, implied that Carton and Boomer (who works CBS television with Kellogg), basically were a couple of ham and eggers.

Mr. Tennis & Mr. Diet Coke jabbed that the Carton and Boomer had only been on "the air for 13 minutes." And probably don't know who Clark Kellogg is. Needless to say the morning guys had a nice little laugh about this.

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The Sports Hernia said...

Is he a fucking third base coach? Nice confident pose there Mike.