Monday, April 21, 2008

Brett Favre Retires (from Helping the Less Fortunate)

As if sticking it to his teammates, fans and franchise with his constant retirement drama weren't enough, the NFL's all-time leading interception thrower now decides to stick it to the impoverished of Wisconsin.

News from from Packers Blog is that Favre will no longer be hosting "the annual Packers offense-defense charity softball game." Hosting duties will now belong to Donald Driver.

To his credit, Driver takes the high road in not calling Favre out for his selfishness, and instead sets an example for all Wisconsinites to follow: It's time to replace Favre and move on.

"I always enjoyed playing in the game and being part of a fun tradition. Now I'm glad I can take over for Brett and host it for all my teammates."

For all his teammates. With that little add-on, he's already surpassed Brett in my eyes.

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