Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kobe's poop-stained bedsheets up for auction

Boston, MA- In an effort to fetch as much money as Doc River's Gatorade soaked shirt, a maid at the Hampton Inn in downtown Boston saved Kobe Bryant's turd stained sheets from his hotel room during his stay in Boston.

Claudia Lopez, of Natick, Mass., cleaned Kobe's room while the Lakers where in town for the final against the Celtics.

"I wasn't sure if it was Kolby's room" Ms. Lopez told the AP, "but then every morning after a Lakers loss the men in the custodial staff would comment how Kolby was 'really shitting the bed' during the finals. So I put one and one together and realized the stained sheets must be his."

The sheets and room were then authenticated by an attractive front desk clerk who confirmed Kobe's room because of the room key he handed her and whispered he was going to get her 'rocky mountain laid.'

The sheets will be auctioned off next week at Christie's with all proceeds going directly to Ms. Lopez's bank account.

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