Friday, June 20, 2008

NBA Players Getting Educated

The Independent Florida Alligator brings us news that is, well, refreshing.

Members of the '06/'07 Gators' championship team, Atlanta Hawk Al Horford and Denver Nugget Taurean Green, are back on campus this summer working towards their degrees.

Says Green, "People ask why we come back, because we're making a lot of money now. But there's life after basketball, so you might as well come back and get it done. Basketball is not forever. I wish it could be, but it's not."

While people chide the NBA's crackdown on athletes' attire and age restrictions, it's good to see two dudes with their priorities in mind and voluntarily looking out for their own best interests in terms of furthering theirselves off the court.


Drew H. said...

I think this must be a growing trend. Kevin Durant and Jeff Green will also be taking classes at Texas and Georgetown this summer.

I agree, though. It's good to hear.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

I hope it is and continues to grow. Thanks, Drew.