Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron Ref: Dewey Defeats Truman (College Graduate)

With 93% of precincts reporting, HHR is calling a winner...
Iron Ref: Sore Losers
Contestants: Lady Andrea, Dewey Hammond, Chris Mottram

In what turned out to be a 2-person race with early favorite TSB's Chris Mottram being rendered Irrelevant, the voting public has spoken, and Yardbarker Managing Editor Dewey Hammond has been crowned this week's (inaugural) Iron Ref. Dewey ran most of the competition neck-in-neck with Truman State University alumna Lady Andrea of Bugs & Cranks/Ladies... fame.

Remember folks, this is not a scientific (or even legitimate) process. We prefer keeping voting in the comments because it gives us an additional forum for the likes of Flatusyahu and the Tirico Suave boys.

That said, we have about 20 sports bloggers, from both large sites and ones you may not have heard of, that we will be pitting against each other in the near future. Look for the next 3 contestants and the secret ingredient to be announced on Monday.

Clearly, if Hammond taught us anything, this contest is all about (self-described) shameless self-promotion. But I guess that is why we all write on blogs, isn't it?

Without further ado, we crown Dewey's ass Iron Ref.


Dewey Hammond said...


LadyAndrea said...

Congrats Dewey!


Dewey Hammond said...

I can't believe you actually went to Truman State. That's wild, Dree.

LadyAndrea said...

Isn't that perfect, Andrew?

flatusyahu said...

"Welcome to my treehouse. Superstar law student. Blog Mistress. Corn-fed Midwestern gal. 152 inches of pure mayhem and pool domination, like if friggin’ Optimus Prime got to fight against 3rd graders. Honey-limbed lovely, flaxen-tressed harlot. Swiss Army Knife of 5-tool players. Hope dancing in stiletto heels. These are my random postings. I can also be found here and here."

i just read this profile and saw her picture. can i change my vote?

Andrew said...


LadyAndrea said...

I shall take that as a compliment flatusyahu. If you like that, you should check out my blog.

Thanks for the late-minute change.