Thursday, June 26, 2008

When Hulk Was Immortal

Last night on MSG WWE Classics, I watched the "incredible" Hulk Hogan defeat champion Iron Sheik (from Tehran, Iran) to kickoff the birth of Hulkamania.

I texted Fat Willard the following:

"Horseshit. In a matter of 3 minutes Hogan breaks out of a Boston crab and the camel clutch, yet Sheik can't kick out of a G-damn leg drop."

And with that ridiculous sequence, the greatest American hero was born.

As if it isn't comedic enough thinking that I once bought into this crap, what really had me laughing was the ensuing celebratory interview with Mean Gene Okerlund.

Not only is does he projectile spit on Okerlund, but he is doused in champagne by an incoherent Frenchman and powerful Pollack (and even we catch a quick glimpse of the Rock's daddy). Mean Gene then brings in "Mr. and Mrs. Hogan" who rave about their son's impact on the "sport" only to be typically cut off by their attention-starved offspring.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if you saw this, but in our CWS weekend last weekend, we ran into a dude that looked exactly like Hulk Hogan. Only, he was 1/2 the size (ie: "Sulk Hogan")

Pictures are in the post and our photobook...