Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yankee Victim's Fiance Turns Down Ryan Church's Help

This was passed along from our friend Mr. Met up in Flushing. It is either an amazing display of loyalty, or a very unwise decision. Who am I to judge?

I'm just going to post this one verbatim.

Daily News: Crane vic's fiance turns down aid from Mets player
The fiancee of a crane operator killed in last week's tragic collapse on Wednesday rejected an offer of help from Mets star Ryan Church because her future hubby was a Yankee fan.

A day after burying Donald Leo, Janine Belcastro said she couldn't accept the offer from the right fielder and his wife.

"Don was a die-hard Yankee fan," Belcastro said in a statement. "It would not respect his memory if he accepted this."

The grieving Belcastro added that she "greatly appreciated" the offer.

The money was to come from Church's participation in a Mets' fund-raiser for a variety of causes. A spokesman said Church will choose another charity.

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Kevin said...

This isn't a display of loyalty or an unwise is having an out-of-whack perspective of sports in the grand scheme of life. This widow turns down a heartfelt gift because of what baseball team her husband was a fan?!?!?! I'm sorry for this woman's loss but she needs to get a grasp on the reality of life!