Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preserving History: Lord Stanley's Cup

After each major sporting event, HHR takes a look at how it is portrayed in news print in some of the nation's leading dailies. Part out of curiosity, and part to preserve the dying medium.

If there is any question surrounding the public interest in ice hockey and the NHL, perhaps we can use the coverage of the Red Wings' Stanley Cup Championship as a gage.Very few leading papers offered any front page coverage, nonetheless mention outside of Pittsburgh and Detroit. Most, like the Indy Star chose to focus, rather, on the upcoming NBA Finals. Others, like the Philadelphia Inquirer felt it more news worthy to point out that Kevin Kolb is now #2 on the Eagles depth chart. The LA Times and the New York Times chose to bury it in small blurbs beneath the fold. The Boston Herald, salivating over the Lakers/Celts series, had a small headline on the back page.

While obviously the Super Bowl's popularity would warrant much broader interest (Super Bowl XLII), compare the Stanley Cup coverage to that of the Daytona 500 (see The Great American Race).

New York Times

LA Times

Boston Herald

The Detroit News

Detroit Free Press
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Philadelphia Daily News (Back)


Anonymous said...

figured i'd add it to the mix, since there is so much going on in Cleveland...

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mmmm. Smuckers.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Well done.

Not said...

Smuckers does own breakfast...wait, what?

Ariel said...

They're about as interested in the NHL finals as I am in the NBA finals. Re-runs of Law & Order, anyone?

Plain-Dealer cover is AWESOME.