Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sean Avery has creamy calves

So I am bored turdless at work and I am checking out Illuminati's blog over at phillyBurbs. He did an article today about men wearing shorts to the office. The article and picture is all kinds of wrong but something interesting popped out of the original NY Times piece.

When the hockey star Sean Avery took an internship at Vogue earlier this summer, the work uniform that the fashion-besotted left wing chose included a shorts suit that showcased his athletic calves.

So, Avery not only plays professional hockey but bags models and actresses, works with tons of hot women in the offseason, is a guest editor at Men's Vogue, gets his own hockey rule named after him AND can get away with wearing boy shorts.

I think I feel the incipience of a slight man crush.

Wait, I just pictured you in those shorts.
Let's make it official.

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