Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cubbie Chaser: Obama Goes J-Roll on North Siders

Photo: Deadspin

Phillies fans were upset a couple weeks ago when their MVP shortstop called them frontrunners.

This is much worse.

In an interview with ESPN's Stuart Scott on SportsCenter, Democratic presidential nominee (and Chicago native) Barack Obama accused Cubs fans of essentially NOT being baseball fans.

"The Cubs are nice," Mr. Obama said, after revealing he would root for the White Sox in a crosstown World Series, because he's "not a fair-weather fan."

"You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer," he continued. "They've got all the beautiful people out there. Nobody's watching the game. The White that's baseball."

See, now that concerns me. Gravely. I was going to vote for Obama in November, but he's clearly so out of touch with his constituency as to give me pause. How can someone who claims he can fix our economy and foreign policy be so clueless about folks in his own hometown?

So let's clear something up.

Just because we Cubs fans have a beautiful, landmark ballpark in a rocking neighborhood, play our games under the hot sun (thus prompting our fanbase to wear fewer clothes) and enjoy our cold, frothy beverages in bulk does not mean we don't live and die with every pitch of every game of every season.

Have you been to Wrigley Field? Tell me the fans aren't into the game, when they throw backing opposing home runs, or when they boo (yes, it happens everywhere), or when they rise to their feet with two outs and two strikes on the other team's last hitter. Or when they see Bob Howry walking in from the bullpen, and they link arms and start doing synchronized yoga breathing. Or when the 'W' flag is raised and everyone sticks around to sing the team's cornball anthem, "Go Cubs Go."

But Obama's a Sox fan, and I guess he feels he's being loyal to his team by blindly, ignorantly ripping on the North side. Loyalty's OK, even if it's a bit misguided. To eschew his real beliefs, play the politician and say he likes both teams would be worse.

That said, come October, I better not see his skinny butt on the mound — or in the booth — at Wrigley Field, campaigning through first pitches and seventh-inning stretches. Then, he'd really lose my vote.

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MMayes said...

Perhaps Obama feels more at home with the ignorant rednecks who get drunk and run on the field to tackle old guys....kind of like being at a Democratic rally.