Thursday, August 7, 2008

Favre Wrangles His Way to NY

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been staying up nights wondering what was going to happen to Brett Favre. So imagine my surprise when I found out last night that Favre is going to channel his inner Vinny Testaverde to take over the QB reins of the Jets at the advanced football age of 38.

Without a doubt, this move improves the Jets passing game for the simple fact that downfield throws have been reinstalled into the weekly game plan. Whether it makes the Jets good enough to compete with the Patriots … well, no, it does not. The Jets are clearly still second fiddle in the AFC East.

Meanwhile, Chad Pennington got dumped on the street like last week’s trash. Of course, the internal anatomy of his right shoulder is trash, so there is some merit to the analogy.

That said, Pennington sacrificed a ton for the Jets: he played hurt, he underwent multiple surgeries to get back on the field, and played the good soldier role even as he and Kellen Clemens alternated turns being trampled by the oncoming Patriots pass rush. That still doesn’t qualify him as the best quarterback for the Jets, but as the eloquent poet Rick James used to sing, Pennington being waived is just a little cold blooded.

It’s been said that the NFL means “Not For Long”, but in this case, I suppose it could mean something else: “No F**king Loyalty”.

But who cares about Pennington? If anything can be gleaned from this disaster it’s that Favre doesn’t care who he runs over on his way to posting double-digit interception numbers this season.

For God’s sake, Brett had the “itch” to play ball! (Just on his terms and no one else’s.)

-Posted by Rev. Shaw Moore


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they waived him? the could have at least tried to get a 7th round pick for him, the guy has experience. That really sucks after all he tried to do for the team.