Sunday, November 16, 2008

If You Listened to Emmitt's "All 22"

...You'd have dropped a double deuce.

Emmitt wants to put what what in your butt.

If you're relying on Emmitt Smith to tell you who to start and sit for fantasy football, you're also probably taking weekly gambling advice from the Sports Guy and handicapping tips from Hammered Hank Goldberg. Needless, to say, you'd be a damn fool.

This morning I scratched my head when Emmitt recommended sitting both Brandon Jacobs and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Jacobs, maybe, I can understand under certain situations. But unless Tomlinson is dead, why would you recommend sitting him in any circumstance?

So how accurate were Emmitt's prognostications actually?

As offbased as you'd expect.

Jacobs earned his rites of patches, running 11 times for 73 yards and 2 touchdowns. That Baltimore defense Smith was so worried about? Gave up 207 yards on the ground to the Giants' offense.

Meanwhile, LT masturbated the ball down the feel for 100 total yards and a TD.

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