Sunday, January 4, 2009

Commercial CRitic: Right Guard's New Sex Panther Line

We all know that imitation can be construed as a form of flattery. In the marketing world it is more of a concession that the competition's strategy is better. Enter Right Guard.

Without seeing numbers, one could surmise that Old Spice has snatched market share in the deodorant market from the sad commercial attempt put forth by Right Guard.

Using Old Spice's tongue-in-cheek alpha male humor stylings best epitomized by Will Farrell, Right Guard signed only-known-to-fantasy-players Chris Paul's face to rub its scent on the public.

Embodying his inner most Dwayne Wade, Paul unleashes an incoherent unfunny rambling from a stilled body, which is copy-catted from a Conan O'Brien routine.

From the company that brought us the infamous line of "Anything less would be uncivilized," we are now told Right Guard is the official sponsor of Chris Paul's pits.

The new spot only poses questions about Chris Paul, nothing about the actual product. Is he being funny? It's not funny. Is he trying to be a pretty boy? He looks like Tattoo. Should I be teaching my kid to put three fingers together horizontally on his shoulder to be cool at daycare?

In a nod to Will Farrell, as I guess how Right Guard would want it, I will deem this ad as Sex Panther. A sexy presentation that actual reeks like a used diaper filled with Indian food.

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