Friday, January 16, 2009

NJ Net Dating Reality Show Headcase

Ariel brought to my attention that this morning on Howard Stern, rejected Momma's Boy headcase Cara Quici, who didn't even get a date, confessed to dating a of the New Jersey Nets.

From's week recap: "Cara added that she was currently dating a player on the New Jersey Nets, and yes, he is African-American, but Cara claimed her parents had no problem with that...her grandparents were a different story though."

As if the rigors of playing on an NBA club weren't headache enough, one lucky player gets to go home to this...

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The Mitten said...

So, let me get this straight. She didn't even get a date, right? I'm totally confused.

MikeT said...

The Mitten stole my line! That clip was hilarious! said...

I listened to Stern that morning -- you got the wrong chick.

The girl that said she was dating a Net was named Meghan Allen (another contestant from the Stern show) and the guy she is dating is Devin Harris.

I think TBL and WithLeather posted about it on Thursday.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

You sure? The quote was taken right from a Stern fan site.

Planet said...

It is not true. You were advised in Jan, 2009, that it was not true, yet you have permitted the story to remain on your site without apparent further investigation or correction since then. Even as a blogger you have a moral requirement to do due diligence.

Cara Quici has now finally seen your blog and denied this on her facebook page. It's about time you did the responsible thing and remove, ammend or correct the blog.