Sunday, February 1, 2009

Commercial CRitic: Super Bowl Special

Few commercials featured athletes this year as the timeslots were dominated by NBC promos and movie trailers. Here are the Commercial CRitics thoughts on the biggest ad day of the year:

GoDaddy lowered its standards hand in hand with Danica Patrick. "I can do anything so I want to see Danica in a shower." C'mon, for a commercial that was supposed to be somewhat believable, this one didn't come somewhat.

Nobody told me that Ray Lewis was going to make an ass of himself in 3D. Otherwise, I would have commandeered a set of glasses to critique with full capability. Nevertheless, props to the Ravens (I think they were all Ravens) for laying it ALL (maybe it was good I didn't have 3D) on the dance floor.

So that is what a murderous lizard looks like. Thanks SOBE for the heads up.

Not going to comment on the Heros vs. NFL All-Stars commercial. NBC did enough self-gratifying to deserve any mention.

I would say 95 percent of Olympic athletes are amateurs and need to work at Home Depot to make a living while they train. Somehow, Carlos Boozer is the Olympian to receive the extra endorsement check from Overstock. Possibly the least minutes played on the basketball team and skipped out on a blind man while he wasn't looking for millions in Mormon country. Swing and a miss Overstock.

I heard rumors about the Coke Zero-Polamalu commercial and was ready to pan it for lack of originality, but I must say that I was impressed. It had physical violence, which I am always a supporter of. Plus, it integrated Coke Zero's previous schticks with infringement claims. Well done.

That's it, minus a boring G2 commercial. We get it Gatorade, you have a lot of money. But shouldn't Tiger be schleping his own flavored water?

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