Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogs With Balls Radio, Episode 22

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Welcome to the "man" episode. We focus on "things guys like" with and chat with the incomparable Sarah Spain.

Lucas is away this week in sunny Hawaii, so filling in once again is Chris Illuminati. Combining Illuminati's new segment at HHR with Lucas' Ballsy Blog of the Week, we bring on's Isaac to answer 8 Softball Questions.
  1. What happened to the World of Isaac?
  2. Why do women read men's sites?
  3. Why do people get so worked up over internet articles?
  4. What Internet trend will he never understand?
  5. Who epitomizes
  6. What's more unmanly than creating Internet viruses?
  7. How unmanly are staged wedding party pictures?
  8. What is something every man needs?
Keeping with our theme, Chicago's own Sarah Spain joins us. Four years removed from auctioning herself off on eBay to get to the Super Bowl, Sarah is now rubbing elbows on the red carpet at the big game with NFL legends in a journalistic capacity.

Sarah has been our eyes and ears on the ground in the planning process of BwB3, and really epitomizes a lot of things we intend to focus on in June.

One thing we've worked hard on incorporating is a more diverse perspective at the shows. Among them is having more women participate. Like previous guest Jemele Hill, Sarah talks about the role her gender plays as a sports blogger and journalist. Ivy league educated, she talks about how she balances being a woman in a male-dominated genre with her talent, background and work product. She offers her advice to female bloggers and talks about what they can expect along their respective paths, which could include a couple of creeps and stunts like this:

Sarah also has worked in various platforms including web, radio and now television - both locally and for national companies. She also talks about the professional advantages of online accessibility and social media.

In lieu of Skyped Up, as the queen of Chicago sports, we put her on the spot and ask us to talk about some of her favorite Windy City team-specific blogs and bloggers.

This week's links of interest:
Sarah's favorites:


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