Friday, February 26, 2010

Video: Runyan Wants to Toughen Up DC

Jon Runyan made his speaking debut on the campaign circuit last night at a Camden County Republican fundraiser.

Said the former Eagle O Lineman: "I was never the best athlete. I was never the fastest guy. I wasn't the strongest. But you know what? I put my work in and I made a mental decision to be the toughest guy out there. And I think taking that tenacity to Washington, DC is going to go a long way."

On why he's running: "The size of the government is totally out of control. The people are the ones that are going to solve these problems. We have to get government out of the way, put money back in the people's hands and let them solve the problems that we have."

As far as his qualifications, Runyan notes that this public service is an extension of the community work he has done in South Jersey over the last decade; and his passion to change the course our country is headed.

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