Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Cynic's Guide to College Football: Week 7

It’s that time of year. The air turns colder. The leaves change colors. The first pink slips start being delivered. And bad football games still get better ratings than the baseball playoffs.

Here are some quick hit observations on the week that was.

If there’s a record for “combined number of untimely fumbles and dropped touchdown passes,” I’m pretty sure Nebraska shattered it beyond recognition last weekend.

Fumbles and drops. Meet Nebraska athletics’ newest corporate sponsors.

Speaking of Big Money . . .
How many zeroes would be on the loser’s check if Warren Buffett and T. Boone Pickens had a bet on this weekend’s Nebraska/Oklahoma State game?

Buffett’s got the bigger bankroll ($45 billion vs. only $1.4 billion). But Boone’s got the stadium named after him.

Not Football Related, but Timely.
Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton and Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

Separated at birth?

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before
Look, we all know that college athletes get preferential treatment when it comes to off-field issues. No secret there. But, as the Wiz of Odds noted, the University of Tennessee is taking the discrepancy between football players and the rest of us to whole new heights. Recently, a 60-year old graduate student at the University of Tennessee was arrested for suspicion of DUI, pled guilty to reckless driving charge . . . and was promptly kicked out of school. Meanwhile, UT and former coach Phil Fulmer (who I just learned has a satirical award named after him, going to the school with the worst criminal record) kept punter Dustin Colquitt on the field even after at least four alcohol-related run-ins with the law. Riddle me that.

Wait, college football players get special treatment? I am shocked and appalled!

Not Ready for Prime Time
Much to the surprise of pretty much no one, North Texas just announced the firing of head coach Todd Dodge. Dodge leaves with a career mark of 6-37 after coming the Mean Green following a successful stint at Southlake Caroll, one of the nation’s top high school football teams. Yes, you read that right. An (admittedly small) FBS program hired a high school coach. High school might (and I emphasize might) be a stepping stone to a college career someday. But if picking a high school coach is the best option your school can come up with, you have bigger problems than just picking a coach.

Oklahoma women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale. The exception to the rule. From Norman High School to three Final Fours.

Waiting for Dickie V.
With North Carolina’s off-field scandals and Kansas’ on-field ones, which fan base is most looking forward to basketball season?

The lesser of two evils for the Hawks and Heels?

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