Friday, October 22, 2010

No Snitch: Obama Retweets 'Melo

Screencap via Politico

Ben Smith of Politico flags an interesting tweet from the leader of the free world. Apparently, President Barack Obama is a big fan of the Nuggets superstar and the feeling is mutual.

Anthony tweeted out a solicitation from Obama's campaign organization, but as a charter member of team no-snitchin', this analyst sees this snitch of admiration as a likely violation of the no-snitchin' pact and plans to alert the proper authorities.

Curious to know whether Obama chucked his Nobel Peace Prize in the Potomac like 'melo chucked his 'big penny' (Olympic bronze from '04) in 'the lake'.

-Blue Pulaski, HHR's Director of Snitchin' Operations

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