Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blue Crow Law In Connecticut Threatens Democracy

Ol' Blue doesn't live in Connecticut, but if he did he may have a hard time casting his vote for Raw's next General Manager on Election Day. You see, thanks to union thugs and the party machines up in Connecticut, Blue can't wear his causal WWE attire to the voting booth for fear that it would be seen as campaign activity in favor of Mr. McMahon's wife, Linda, who is running for US Senate.

This is clearly some kind of Nexus plot to continue their rampage over the WWE, but unlike John Cena, you can't tell Blue what to do without getting a little bit of disrespect thrown back at you.

In protest of this bigoted policy, Blue plans to get all liquored up Stone Cold-style and go on voting rampage in precincts throughout the nation on Election Day. How can you spot Blue? Well he'll be in one of his favorite t-shirts of course:

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