Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Greg Oden's Obama Endorsement in The Hotline

Photo: clevelandleader.com

You might have read the very good piece by the young hoopster on his Yardbarker blog.

Here is the text, in full, of the piece that ran in the Hotline blog:
COLUMBUS, OH – Greg Oden, the centerpiece of Ohio State University’s 2006-2007 Big Ten champion and national runner-up team, announced today his endorsement of Barack Obama.

The number one overall pick in last year’s NBA draft, Oden is a first-time voter, and he decided to speak out about this election because he believes America is at a critical juncture.

“Like a lot of young people, I’ve been drawn to Senator Obama’s campaign and the potential he has for our country,” Oden said. "Obama gives Americans, especially young voters like me, a sense of hope in politics. He makes us feel like we can come together for the good of our country. Topics like education and healthcare are very important to me, and I agree with Sen. Obama's views on these issues."

Oden will work with the campaign to reach out to young voters in Ohio and states that are still to waiting to have primaries, such as Indiana, where Oden was the high school basketball player of the year, and Oregon, where Oden plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

“Greg Oden meant a lot to the state of Ohio, and we’re proud to have his endorsement,” Obama Ohio Director Paul Tewes said.
Good for Oden for getting interested and active, but truth is, there are very few "young people like him." You know, 7' 20-year olds who were #1 overall picks in the NBA draft and sign $20-some-million contracts with no degree or professional work experience.

And I just find it difficult to take a guy who won't have to worry about health care for some time (stow away some of that $21 mil in a health savings account, would ya?) and one that simply made the obligatory NBA-mandated stop over in college seriously when he says, "Topics like education and healthcare are very important to me."

Call us crazy.


The Sports Hernia said...

More importantly, why is his face made of rocks?

Ron said...

Would you prefer that he didn't vote?

Anything that gets more people to engage in politics and increase votership is a good thing.

You can't teach a player the right way to play the game if he never shows up in the first place. Increase votership first, then engage in cynicism.

John said...

So Oden is prohibited from caring about other people who don't have the same opportunities that he does?

And is there any Senator or US Congressperson who has to worry personally about the cost of healthcare or education? Aren't their opinions suspect too?

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Are we prohibited from caring enough about people to encourage them to educate themselves beyond what a celebrity tells them? That's all we are saying.

Ron - No one faults or discourages Oden or anyone else's opinions. But feel free to formulate your own.

John - Agreed about everyones opinons being suspect.

Agree to disagree.

Wal said...

I don't think you're crazy, just unintelligent. "...one that simply made the obligatory NBA-mandated stop over in college..." Way to make it sound like the kid just skated through school. He took calculus in high school and had a 3.5 in college in real classes. I think he proved himself in that aspect. Bob Costas and Bill Gates both left college early to pursue their careers, so I guess that means they don’t care about the education system in America either. Maybe you should call Bill Gates and tell him to shut down his scholarship fund, because no only is he rich enough to not care but he's obviously to money hungry to take academics seriously. Let me know how that works out for you.

And using your logic, I'm assuming that there isn't a candidate or influential American out there that should give a crap about healthcare. I mean, they can already afford their own healthcare so why should they worry about the less fortunate?

Maybe you should switch your blog to an entertainment site. I think that would suit your mental capabilities a little better.

Hugging Harold Reynolds said...

Always good to hear from fans. Thanks for reading.

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