Friday, February 8, 2008

Mortensen reporting Romo gets laid in Honolulu

Huge football and celebrity gossip out of Hawaii.

Chris Mortensen is in Honolulu covering the Pro Bowl for ESPN. His assistant is a huge fan of ours (who isn't). We got to be friends through...not important. Anyway, he just got word via a text message that Mort is reporting that Tony Romo has cheated on Jessica Simpson while in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Word from Mort is that it was a pretty public event.

All we have now is the exact text from Mort to his assistant saying "Romo just got laid. Sources confirmed. Two attractive young women. Attacked Romo as he got off jet at Honolulu Int. He didn't put up a fight. More when I learn more."

Mort is trying to get more details as the story develops. HHR will cover this as it happens. Hopefully this guy doesn't screw us over.

EDITED 4:25 PM- There has been an update.

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