Friday, February 1, 2008

Victoria's Secret Doesn't Know Sexy, HHR Does

My friend called me this morning quite pissed off after hearing who Victoria's Secret put on there "What is Sexy?" list for 2008.

The retailer chose winners for a bunch of categories.... but the category that pissed off my friend was "Sexiest Male Athlete" being given to HHR's favorite whipping boy, Tony Romo.

I work with mostly women, and sometimes (ok, pretty much everyday) lunch conversation turns to gossip, which turns to the latest tales of Britney, Jessica, Paris, Nicole, etc. We all agree that Tony Romo isn't all that hot, for our tastes at least, and is somewhat overrated in the looks dept.

There are SO many other athletes that could have been chosen for the title, two that came to our minds as we discussed this on the phone this morning (yes, she called me at 8:30 to rant about this) were Tom Brady and David Beckham. And while they usually draw the most attention, its because, well, they are very good looking fellas with bangin bods (Ren - you know I love you.)

The list could seriously go on and on... especially considering personal tastes (I've always liked Matt Hasslebeck for some reason, and my Phillies BF Chase Utley), but I just want Victoria's Secret to admit that their choices had more to do with "who's popular" that who's really sexy.

Just some other "what the hell were they thinking" picks:
  • Sexiest Mom: Victoria Beckham (Though after giving birth to Ren's spawn, I wouldn't mind dropping the weight like she did, but her body isn't human, so that is prob why it won't happen for me)
  • Sexiest Funnyman: Dane Cook (though, I do prefer the more cleaned-up version he's been flaunting these days)
  • Sexiest Couple: Fergie and Josh Duhamel (ok, he's hot, but she's scary... how about Tom and Gisele.... now she is hot)
  • Sexiest Smile: Ryan Seacrest (hmmm, not too much to comment here)

However, in honor of this list, we at HHR would like to offer an appendix with some additional categories:

  • Sexiest NFL ref: Ren's boy Ed Hochuli
  • Sexiest Announcer: Kenny Albert
  • Sexiest Internet-Sports-Search: Will Demps
  • Sexiest Mascot: Phillie Phanatic
  • Sexiest DWTS Contestant: Wayne Newton


GM-Carson said...

You damn straight the Phanatic is sexy- all green, big, and fuzzy!

JC said...

The Phanatic has nothing on the Phoenix Suns gorilla.

Absolutely nothing.