Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dancing With the Big Show

I haven't watched Raw in years. But while watching a USA Law & Order re-run, they kept hyping the proceeding WWE broadcast with the Big Show taking on a "professional fighter" in preparation for his Wrestlemania match against Floyd "Money" Mayweather, showing clips of the following "press conference":

He looks and sounds real tough right?

Look, don't get me wrong. Floyd would kick my ass.

But all I kept thinking was of him quick stepping while dressed as a matador in front of Bruno and Carrie Ann.

Exactly what directing is this going?

Big Show Paul Wight is allegedly 7'4", 500+. Is there any reality left in professional wrestling? At 5'8", 147, are you telling me legitimately Mayweather would fare and different than Brandon "The Thrill" Hill did last night?

Image: wwe.com

Next they are going to try to sell me on how tough they are on steroid abusers in the fed.

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