Friday, November 7, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Results

When I looked at my final list of assignments for last night's event, should I really have been surprised at their perverted, juvenile, and intoxicated focus? No. Because that's who you sickos are. I was actually relieved to see "photo of someone hanging brain" nowhere on there. So here's what I got for you. I'll be honest with you - I stayed way way way more sober than last time. Because it is infinitely more cold and wet outside, making Boston Common a lousy place for hungover nap-time.

I will preface this with the admission that I did not succeed on most fronts. Partially due to the fact that I didn't try and replace my bloodstream with scotch, but also because I relied on the people there being a bit rambunctious with all the free booze and stingy appetizers. That was a poor assumption on my part. I don't want to say the folks there were bland - I met some real interesting people actually (question: are Jets fans people?), but as a whole I'd put the energy in the room somewhere between watching paint dry and watching hockey (which are basically the same thing).

So with that in mind, here's what I've got for you.

Picture of the hottest woman there: COMPLETE
Photo of the bartender pouring a shot of Hennessy, neat. COMPLETE

of course the hottest woman there is the bartender.

Inappropriate Business Attire: COMPLETE

Mustached person celebrating Movember: COMPLETE
Charge a drink to Yardbarker: COMPLETE

I didn't just charge a drink, I charged dinner.
That's how committed I am to representing your wishes.

Bunch of people flipping the bird: COMPLETE

I'm not sure why everyone's hand is orange.
I think it's an advertising thing.

Visibly Drunk Person: COMPLETE

This dude was actually there, and almost fell over twice.
I think he was crying softly


OK, so this wasn't exactly a person who was there. But I'm thinking this person should at least count as the photo of someone getting tackled, because let's be honest - with a hipster it's only a matter of time.

I would like to once again thank the good folks at YardBarker, who never fail to make me laugh or purchase me alcohol. And that's just their sales people. Can you imagine what kind of trouble and destruction their website folks must be capable of? I can. And I know it would at the very least involve sedated farm animals, a 1988 yellow pages, the insides of several dozen glowsticks, and an angry, vengeful clown with little to lose.


Dewey Hammond said...

Fabulous. Gotta love Henny!

Evan50 said...

Next time one of these things goes down in Boston I have got to make an appearance.